jd hegarty

This is the sound of / summer
ending: my body / returns to the
earth / Weeping alone in / the
laundry room while the sky / ripens
purple gray / A heart beats It’s mine /
She hums like birds taking flight /
but is gripped by vines / A man on
the street / calls out at two AM lost /
Or is he tired / There are curses here
/ working their gravity Bind / your
heart to the warmth / I don’t want to
come / back to the earth / or say
goodbye / to summer’s bluest


jd hegarty

is a a poet, a podcaster, and an essayist living in Saint Paul Minnesota with two loud grey cats. They have an MFA from Hamline University. jd’s work can be found in Chronotope, White Stag, Crab Orchard Review, and Mortar Magazine. Their first chapbook, On Passing was published by Red Bird Chapbooks in 2017. They can be reached at