Image by Pawel Czerwinski

we're viscous and delicious  
floating on the surface 
a buoyant in-between  
our bodies splitting  
cycled in, cycled out  
from single to many 
a multiplicity 
on a rotating backdrop 
seamlessly ticking 
metronomically beating  
and now we're counting 
a scum ensemble 
in perfect harmony 
as a community 
we're thriving and upholding 
taking care, our strength in numbers 
we have agreement, sacred consensus 
what beats in us, is embodied

Emily DiCarlo_headshot2018_Photographer-Maya Fuhr_cropped_01.jpeg

Emily DiCarlo

is a writer and artist whose interdisciplinary work applies methodologies that often produce collaborative, site-specific projects. Evidenced through text, video, performance and installation, her research connects the infrastructure of time with the intimacy of duration. She has been a council member for The International Society for the Study of Time since 2016 and this past year, co-edited an issue of their academic journal KronoScope, which focused on “Anthropocenic Temporalities.” Her essay, “Transcending Temporal Variance: Time Specificity, Long Distance Performance and the Intersubjective Site,” can be found in the forthcoming issue of The Study of Time (Brill Publishing) later this summer. She currently lives and works in Toronto (Tkaronto), Canada.