Image by Frankie Lopez


jd hegarty

Kind one, made of steam: 

you name me sweet one, you 

name me and I answer in kind. Today

I noticed the color of the sky, it 

was clearest blue and I never saw

the sky as clearly as when I could

share it. You see storm clouds— 

you withdraw. I am nervous. I am a 

cloud ready to burst. I keep spilling

the pieces of myself into your tender

hands and you hold them up as if

they were always whole. I have never

been so electrified. Your wind is a song

and I want to become it.  I see the moon and 

want to take you there—

watch you dance without the pull

of this spinning earth. Welcome to

this in between space, this empty

sky of possibility, this space

that is ours alone to inhabit

or to deconstruct. It is as much

humid as hot. A storm brews whether you

hold my hand or let it go. All I want

is to kiss you and very kiss

branches through me, crackling me

as I count seconds waiting for thunder.


jd hegarty

is a a poet, a podcaster, and an essayist living in Saint Paul Minnesota with two loud grey cats. They have an MFA from Hamline University. jd’s work can be found in Chronotope, White Stag, Crab Orchard Review, and Mortar Magazine. Their first chapbook, On Passing was published by Red Bird Chapbooks in 2017. They can be reached at