Image by Tatiana Rodriguez


Queens County is on DL 

all the time

all the way

young anxiety between the alleys

after the job, under the shadow of WhatsApp

the poor young and Spanish-speaking newcomer will jump Manhattan will avoid Brooklyn                        just will be Queen not princess not count just queen

The Queen of the Damned!!!

Queens is queer es cuir es kuir 

I learnt to say luv instead amor en Queens

and then,

drama queenz: I left you sleeping while the night was on fire

because my undocumented heart was being chased

The fable states: it was a small house in Queens where blatino boys use to gather and have                          sex / no clothes allowed / just leave your sneakers and cap and jewelry / no drugs no alcohol                       / remember your number / if not, use your email / at 5 everything ends / it’s 15 bucks, thanks                       / and those were the days


If you are from Queens

or if you lived there

or if you left Queens because you started to hate it

or if you just stayed in Queens for a month waiting for a new job in another place

or whatever the reason was that made you say queens

I must say: 

I luv you

just because you have smelled Queens: I luv you

just because some inches of your body have been on Queens: I luv you

just because you walked the streets that my luv strolls every night: I luv you

whenever you are

wherever you are

I luv you

with all

my weakness

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Rodrigo Arenas-Carter

Visual artist, writer, educator and researcher. Latin-american, bilingual and immigrant. Focused on performance art, digital art, poetry and essays, they have wandered through the continent sharing their work. Responsible for several writings, including "The Vital Scarcity. Poetry and Performance Art in Latin-America and Chile." Member of Colectivo Cuirpoétikas (Guatemala), RACA and Forma y Sustancia Performance Art Festival. More info at