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Call for Submissions - Issue IV - The Queer Sacred

A crowd of every diverse people wearing masks.

For our next issue we are seeking examples, definitions, and archives of the queer sacred.

Give us that which is precious, malleable, spiritual, and ritual. Mundane and extraordinary: beds, bars, flags, songs. Button-up shirts, trimmed nails, short hair. Bound chests, bare chests. Tenuous codes exchanged by strangers which translate as: I am. Are you? It’s the nod received from a butch in the snowy park and the secret smile of recognition you just know is blooming behind a carefully masked mouth. It’s a ripe mango cut open and gently hand-fed. It’s how they slink up in the kitchen and tug you closer from behind. It’s the push-and-pull of too little/too much visibility; too much or too little space. It’s ever-evolving. It’s all over LEX, jumps between us when we gather over zoom, and shines when we look in the mirror feeling gender-euphoric. The queer sacred is inter-personal, intimate, public, and very, very proud. Send us your photographs, poetry, creative nonfiction, mixed-media, animation, and short fiction that documents the gorgeous mundane, the quiet revelation, the captured mood. We want a catalogue of queer life--the painful, the potent, and the promiscuous--that, together, blazes off the page.

Send us your best work by May 1st. Submission Guidelines here.

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