I recently graduated from Bettina to J. Hannah.

I frequently bought the former at two for $5

at Walgreens—the latter my partner just

got me as a Valentine’s Day gift—I’m

not sure how much they really cost

her, but she bought us six, and

each is inspired by works

of art listed on their

website. Eames

and Ghost


and Miso, too

—those are just a

few examples. When I

first had my nails painted (my

ex-partner did them for me—spa-

style, too, with a cuticle push and a buff

and both bottom and top coats AND she owned

one of those nail drying machines from

Avon that look like portable video

game consoles and they’re

a mouth with a fan

inside, and I

still wish I

had one


alas! my

partner hasn’t

gotten me one yet)

anyway, like a week to

the day after she painted

my nails, Bad Bunny painted

his, and a friend told me, “El Conejo

Malo se copió de ti—te quiere tumbar tu

flow.” And I thought that was cool

but even cooler is my mom

from the very start

digging it

texting me pics of

her nails when she goes

to our local salon, letting me

borrow her cheap, Puerto Rican

drugstore nail polish—especially the basics

(black and white) and the bright

primary colors bordering

on garish, childish

which I love

so much.


than anything

is acting queer—being queer—and your

parents acting like they still love

you cuz they actually do.

Gerardo Lamadrid Castillo.jpeg

Gerardo Lamadrid Castillo

is a writer from Caguas, Puerto Rico. They have a BA in English from "Ivy League whorehouse" Vassar College, and are currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at UC Davis. Their poems have most recently been published in Third Iris zine and Manzano Mountain Review. Gerardo is agender and pansexual and postcolonial(ist) and colleagues have half-jokingly described their writing as postmodern(ist).